Corporate Communications

We live in an Information Age, where businesses have to constantly keep interacting with their various stakeholders – their customers, their employees, their vendors, their shareholders, their competitors, the media and the society at large, keeping them informed. Each of these stakeholders may have a different information need and one need to deploy a bespoke strategy for each one of them. We can help you formulate an effective corporate communication strategy.

Our services include IPO and M&A announcements, reputation management and a host of other communication services that help our clients meet their business objectives. We spend time understanding every firm’s culture, its communication requirements and based on that we create messages which the company officials are advised to use while communicating with the outside world. We set qualitative as well quantitative objectives and work hard to deliver against those. Building corporate visibility using high-profile media relations is just one of our areas of specialisation.

Corporate communications services include:

  • Strategy development
  • Execute visibility programmes
  • Financial and business media relations
  • Messaging workshops
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Crisis Communication