Public Affairs

Since the turn of the century, organizations are increasingly seeking out avenues to enhance their public image, influence policy making, explore strategic partnerships and emerge as socially responsible and ecologically sustainable entities. Today, Public Affairs is a practice that empowers such organisations to look beyond the horizon and assume the stature of being classified as ‘enlightened’ and ‘progressive’ in public life and more importantly to stakeholders that matter the most.

We at Speranza have a robust Public Affairs division that is adept at creating strategic communication campaigns aimed at influencing critical publics and stakeholders for its clients. The division addresses the entire gamut of Public Affairs including advocacy, issue based communications, government relations, statistical communications, corporate social responsibility, public outreach campaigns and conceptualizing special events. It creates an integrated communications thrust that seeks to reinforce and re-engineer an organization’s public perception and reputation, by communicating right and building bridges with organizations, movements and individuals who matter the most.